Easter 2019– The tradition, the facts, the spiritual meaning.

kingdomUnity Spiritual Center RGV in Pharr invites you to join us this Easter Sunday at 10:30 am. Spiritual Leader Tommy DeLeon will share a lesson on the tradition, facts and the spiritual meaning of Easter.

Sunday marks the culmination of the most important week in the Christian calendar. The events of Holy Week and Easter represent the central message of the Christian faith.

It is safe to say that if it were it not for this week, there would be no Christianity.

The week begins with a massive gathering of the Jewish faithful in celebration of the Passover Feast. As a member of the Jewish community, Jesus had come to Jerusalem to partake of the celebration.

By this time Jesus had developed the reputation of being a miracle worker, thus many followers and the curious had joined the procession with him.

When the word got out that he was entering Jerusalem, many more lined the streets in anticipation of his arrival. It is written that he rode into the city on a donkey, which, according to the Old Testament, represented a triumphant and peaceful arrival of a conqueror. The streets were lined in palm leaves, the crowds had gathered and were chanting praises of his arrival. It was a joyous time.

On the other hand, there was much tension in the air. The Roman Army, outnumbered ten to one, had the task of keeping the peace. It was a particularly daunting challenge because the Jewish people were celebrating a previous time in their history when they were set free from oppression [in Egypt.]

They were awaiting a new king: someone who would set them free from Roman oppression. The Romans were mindful that Jesus was reported to be this new king. This claim and this tension ultimately led to his crucifixion and then to the story of his resurrection.

Join us this week as we cover the events of this week via tradition, the facts, and the spiritual meaning. Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org. Our “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group meets Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.  Find us live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  Everyone is welcome!


From Tommy:  “I called Michelle Nuñez at Catholic Charities and asked about the kinds of items they need assistance with in helping families coming across the border.

“This is what she noted: ‘Chips, bread, cookies, ham, cheese, deodorant, shoelaces ?? (they take them anyway as a precaution for suicide.)’

“Perhaps we can start to announce this on Sunday to start a collection and set up a box in the back of the room for the non perishables.

“[Ms Nuñez] said we can drop them off there at Catholic Charities in San Juan.

“Thanks & bendiciones,



Last Sunday, as the last of the Yard Sale items** were on view in Penrod Hall, some members also suggested that many of us have gift bags of new toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss at home that we received from our dentists. One person mentioned having a bag full of sample soaps, shampoos, and other sample-sized toiletries that her truck-driving son gives her after staying in motels on the road. These items might also be welcome and helpful at the shelters.

**Sister G bought a pair of stretchy shorts in her size (!!), a book of old Tom Lehrer song lyrics circa her college years, and a CD playlist of ‘Oldies’ from the Simon & Garfunkel era, all for 50¢ each!


EasterEggs04Everyone will be wanting to get home to their family dinners and Easter gatherings, but there will still be time to stay for a while after the service and visit over coffee and cookies in the Hall, while the children hunt for Easter eggs outside.

See you there!—Sis G ❤



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“Palm Sunday”

Unity Spiritual Center RGV in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am.  Special Guest Speaker and Unity Ministerial candidate Khalif Mulholland will share a lesson on the metaphysical meaning of “Palm Sunday”.

This Sunday Christian churches around the world celebrate Palm Sunday, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the back of a young donkey. Custom has it that this act represents a leader coming in peace rather than a military leader on a horse.  Christians commemorate this triumphant entry into Jerusalem with olive and palm branches [which were] strewn in his path.

So, from a metaphysical interpretation, this Palm Sunday experience represents our conscious surrender to our innate divinity. It reawakens our faith and stirs consciousness. A transformation takes place.  Unity calls this purification process “chemicalization”.

Join us on Sunday as we explore this process and this grand event.  Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr; on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org.  We’re live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  And mark your calendars:  The “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group is changing nights:  Now held Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.  Also, stop by Friday and Saturday this weekend for a Multi-Family Sale of gently used items and furniture, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Hope to see you soon!


Board Meeting Sunday, April 14 at 12:10.

A replay of “Myrna’s announcement” on Sunday April 7: 

“During the March board meeting (31st) our board members shared how grateful we are for the positive changes and growth at our Unity Center.  All of you contributed to the manifestation of U.O.V. that we have today.  We are so grateful for our Spiritual Leader, Tommy de Leon, our musicians, the celebration hosts, the Y.O.U. and every volunteer.  So grateful and thankful!

“Last night, I found a document from 2015 and noticed quickly the changes from then to now! Our music program, renovation to the sanctuary, ceiling- mounted projection, our Facebook live-streaming of the service (definitely not a thought in 2015), the initiation of Y&FM and moving forward with it.  More requests for classes and events. Wow!  We are inspired.  Oh, yes, also the new branding and the expanded chaplain program.  We are so grateful for how the love among us – in all of you – has awakened us to continuously moving forward to unite many visions.”

Nina Thomas also announced plans for a Pasta Supper at 6 pm on Wed., April 17 in Penrod Hall. Members and their families are invited to bring a pasta dish to enjoy while we discuss our visions for UOV—what we would like to see happening for our Center.

For those who watch our streaming of the service, and do not get to hear the announcements at the beginning, and those who could not attend last Sunday, this is your “Heads Up!” Mark your calendar if you want to be part of this meeting. And since it will happen at 6 pm, it’s a perfect lead-in for those who would like to stay and participate in the TED Talks Discussion (Let’s Get Metaphysical Group), now on Wednesdays.


I also have an email to share that Jeanne and Gordon Syms sent to their friends as they made their way back to Canada last week:

“Hi Myrna, Irma, Bill, et al:

Thanks for the great send off last Sunday. Just to let you know, we made it to Minneapolis without any problem – -weather was better all the way than the weather we left in Pharr last Monday a.m.! Tomorrow we head for Michigan & more family reunion & then expect to be home by Sunday evening.

“Love to all of you,

Jeanne & Gordon”

The Multi-family Yard Sale will continue one more day in Penrod Hall. There is still time to donate usable items for sale, to buy something, or to help with the sale.


Here is a “slideshow” of some of our Easter decorations, provided by “Bif” Roach:

See you Sunday!–Sis G ❤

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Get Over It! 02

Rev.IveryUnity Spiritual Center Rio Grande Valley in Pharr welcomes you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. Rev. Ivery de la Cruz will share another lesson in her series titled “Get Over It!  The Truth About What You Know That Just Ain’t So!”

Get Over It! is a book by Unity Metaphysician Paul Hasselbeck, DDS, and Bill Holton, PhD.   Dr. Hasselbeck wrote the Unity Metaphysics courses taught at Unity Institute. He always encouraged us Truth students to stretch our awareness and move to a whole new level of understanding as we “walk the spiritual path on practical feet.”

Over the years we have heard and even used phrases that will be challenged in this lesson. They are familiar euphemisms, platitudes and stock phrases used by people who come from Unity, New Thought, and New Age backgrounds. Many of these commonly used expressions have become part of our daily language. According to Dr. Hasselbeck, “Unfortunately, these expressions have become part of the daily illusion that what we are saying is true.”

This Sunday we will to explore statements such as , “Be careful what you pray for,” “Fake it till you make it,” “It blessed me,” “That which you seek is seeking you,” and others, to see if they reflect the New Thought perspective. Or are they simply traditional theology dressed up in new clothes?

Journey with us as we explore each phrase, what it assumes, why we need to “Get Over It”, do a “Truth Triage” and learn a “Replacement Phase”. As Brave truth students we can update our language to reflect our continued spiritual growth.

Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org. We are live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  Our “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group meets on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing you!


Last week’s Amigo Sunday Luncheon was a success—everyone went away full and happy. What almost no one knew was that one shy member shared the task with “Chef” Bill of providing the entrée, “Baked Lemon Chicken.” According to Bill, she (Edna) met him at the store and selected the ingredients. Bill took it all home and did the cooking.


UnityLogoThose who use Postal mail to communicate with Unity Worldwide Ministries need to know that UWM has a new mailing address. The former Post Office Box address will not work after August 1, 2019.

New address:

Unity Worldwide Ministries

400 Unity Circle North, Suite A

Lee’s Summit, MO 64086


Those who attended last Sunday’s service (or watched it live-streamed) were treated to the rich voice of Jasmine, Marisa’s new business associate, singing “Lean on Me.” She was accompanied by Marisa, “Geronimo”, and Tommy on guitar, piano, and drums. We want to hear that again, don’t we, folks?


CanaryI have a warbler in a tall tree in my yard. It is out there singing its heart out just before dusk, and I have not been able to see it, much less identify it. No doubt, it is seeking a mate, so eventually I may catch sight of it. Its song is “Toodle-oo, toodle-oo, toodle-oo, toodle-oo.” Anybody know what it could be?

See you Sunday!–Sis G ❤



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YouAreTheUniverseUnity Spiritual Center Rio Grande Valley in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. when Licensed Unity Teacher Michael Scales will share a lesson on “The Grace of God.”

In Michael’s words: “Every person is the Spirit of God made manifest and conscious of self. And within every person are all of the qualities of God. We are one with our Father-Mother-God in reality and in spirit. However, we are also in what is called the human consciousness.

“To help this human consciousness of us unfold and grow into a sure and permanent realization of truth there has been created for our benefit a great law, and that law is called the law of cause and effect. This is how that phase of the law works: every thought, every feeling, every word, that we accept in our conscious phase of mind goes into what we call consciousness.

“And the type of thoughts, the type of words, and the type of feelings that we exhibit determine the character or the state of our consciousness. The state of consciousness we are in at any moment determines the character of the conditions that we meet in life, in mind, in body, and in our affairs. According to this law, we are confined within our state of consciousness and can only experience what that state of consciousness brings forth.

“The New Testament scriptures describe another aspect of our relationship with God that transcends state of consciousness. It is called Grace. The Grace of God is a love that is not dependent on one’s state of consciousness. The Grace of God is this: God loves me. God understands me. Regardless of my present state of consciousness. There it is. That is the Grace of God, and God will answer my prayers in his perfect way – regardless. The answer to my prayer no longer depends entirely upon my state of consciousness. It now depends upon God’s love for me, God’s understanding of me, God’s forgiveness towards me, and His Will of absolute good.”

Join us this Sunday and learn more.  Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr.  Find us on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org.  Join us live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  The “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group meets Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.


From Myrna: “Just a reminder that the Board is finally gathering for a meeting this Sunday, the 31st after Amigo lunch.  I sent the agenda, weeks ago, but will review to see if changes are needed.  If anyone has an addition or change please let me know.”

ALSO: “The Y.O.U. will not meet this Sunday due to a family emergency.”


DFalling rainon’t let a little cold rain and thunder-boomers keep you from joining your friends for our Amigo Sunday “Potluck” Lunch! Just bring your umbrellas and rain boots if you have them!

The entrée will be Baked Chicken (provided by our chef Bill.) We will also honor Gordon & Jeanne Syms on their 25th Anniversary and to celebrate their birthdays, which will not happen until later this year, but they will be back in Canada then.

See you Sunday!–Sis G ❤



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Fasting & Feasting– A Different View of the Lenten Season

TrueLentUnity Spiritual Center Rio Grande Valley Texas welcomes you to this Sunday’s service at 10:30 am. Spiritual Leader and Licensed Unity Teacher Tommy De Leon will share a lesson titled “Fasting & Feasting: A Different View of the Lenten Season.”

In his own words: “Since I have been out of town for the last two weeks I wanted to take time this Sunday to get caught up on the Unity meaning of the Lent Season.

“It is an interpretation very different from what tradition teaches because of our very different way of interpreting Christianity.

“During the Lent season tradition exhorts us to engage in a practice of abstinence in which we “give up” a vice as a sign of repentance and preparation for the upcoming Easter celebration.

“While this can be a good practice, in Unity we take the concept of abstinence to another level of understanding and implementation.

“From our perspective, that which we need to give up is not external, such as a habit, it is an internal (mental) point of view.

“In Unity, everything we see or experience in our lives has its origin in the mental realm. As such, what we propose is the abstinence, the fasting from erroneous beliefs.

“Charles Fillmore, Unity co-founder, wrote: “ When we withdraw our attention, interest, and support from the faults and the unworthy, this is true fasting.”

“Let us fast then from thoughts of lack, and unworthiness and let us feast on thoughts of grandeur as “sons of the most high.”

“Join us this week as we discuss a different look at the concept of Lent that represents a more spiritual approach.”

Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr. Find us on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org. Join us live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  The “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group meets Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.  Hope to see you soon!


Marisa on Channel 5–Our Music director, Marisa DeLeon, was interviewed on Channel 5 (March 10). For those who did not see it, here is the link that proud Papá Tommy gave me:



Tomorrow morning (Sat.) will be “Cleanup Day” for the church grounds. Volunteers are asked to come at 9 am ready to work—UNLESS IT RAINS!!!

From Ginger Acuna: Tai Chi classes are still being held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9-11 am in Penrod Hall for $30/mo. since there is not much time left in this month, participants may attend both the Monday and Wed. classes for the same $30. See Ginger about any continuing Tai Chi classes.


And finally, on Mar. 31, our Amigo Sunday/Potluck will be held (since Birthday Sunday was held last week with this beautiful cake and a St. Patrick’s Day theme):


The entrée will be baked chicken, so bring your side dishes, salads, etc., and help honor Gordon and Jeanne Syms on their 25th wedding anniversary! (They will soon be returning home to Canada for the Spring and Summer.)

Gordon&Jeanne Syms

See you Sunday!–Sis G ❤





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Conscious Choice Creates Change

Janie03Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr has a new name: Unity Spiritual Center Rio Grande Valley, Texas.  We invite you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am when special guest speaker and long- time Unity Truth student Ms. Janie Morado will speak on “Conscious  Choice  Creates  Change”.

In her words: “Our lesson this week has been called forth by your Healthier, Happier Higher Version of your Self.  We will be wearing a few of the 12 Powers of Man by Charles Fillmore:  Faith, Imagination, Wisdom, Power, Strength and Will.

You will be infused with 4 C’s of Energy to re-invent your Life, to take 100% responsibility for what you are living right NOW. Through the power of Consciousness, which is anchored with your breath you will become aware of the Gap Arete, that moment where you have the power to choose differently.

Choices are many and the wise choose wisely, for they know that what they do unto others IS done unto themselves. We create our experiences through the vibration of our beliefs, for we are like magnets attracting  [what is] like unto ourselves.

Change happens when we change our feelings about our environment, our perception. A shift will occur, and we will see it by the change in how we see others.  For we do not live in a house with no mirrors; everyone is a reflection of who we believe ourselves to be.

An unconscious life is lived either in the past or the future, ignoring the NOW – and it is always Now. If you are willing through the power of Faith, to Imagine and surrender to a Higher Power you will become the change you want to see in others and in your life.

Join us for a celebration to honor the True Essence of who you are. All are chosen, but few choose to take  “the road less traveled.” Create change in your personal life.

Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr. On the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org. and live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  The “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group meets Tuesdays at 6:30 pm.


Sunday marks the end of Spring Break for many schools in South Texas. It is also St. Patrick’s Day. I am sure that our Fellowship Hall is decorated in Irish Green, and you will find hot coffee and baked treats waiting for you after the service, courtesy of our Hospitality Committee.


For Whom It may Concern:


Church Mutual is the company that has insured our buildings and their contents for many  years.


See you Sunday!–Sister G ❤


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“In The Silence”

SunsetUnity Spiritual Center RGV in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am.  Unity ministerial candidate Khalif Mulholland will share a lesson titled “In the Silence.”

 In his book, Keep A True Lent, Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore writes: “When we have truly fasted in the Christway, we have increased our ability to respond to God’s will.” The observance of Lenten Season is here.

In the hustle and bustle of our world today, we tend to take for granted the real world around us. We find it challenging to find time to meditate or even time for prayer. We must buy out the opportune time to “metaphysically fast” and meditate. In the Revealing Word, Charles Fillmore says meditation is “expanding our consciousness Christward; to bring into realization divine Truth; to be transformed in spirit, soul, and body by the renewing of the mind.”

Join us Sunday to see how we can resist the temptation of our daily physical activities and find time for our more important spiritual activities.

Unity Spiritual Center is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org.  Join us live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.


+++The “Let’s Get Metaphysical” study group meets Tuesdays at 6:30 pm. Those who attend regularly probably know if the class has been suspended until Tommy’s return, or whether someone else is standing in for him. Drop Sister Grumpy an email if you know.

+++Speaking of Tommy, our Spiritual Leader and LUT writes that he arrived in Lee’s Summit (Unity Village) Wednesday, and will begin interviewing for acceptance in the Field Ministry Program. He adds:

“I look forward to it. Thanks and appreciation to all at Unity RGV who have believed in me and who have supported me for the last four plus years as spiritual leader and 2.5 years before that as President of the Board, while on this journey.”

“Bendiciones, tommy”


+++The Board of Trustees will NOT meet this coming Sunday, due to the absence of several key people. The meeting will take place on Sunday, March 24th at 12:10 pm in the meeting /class room of Penrod Hall.

+++Saturday, March 23rd is scheduled as “Work Day” for the gardening and landscaping volunteers. Please plan to come at 9 am, ready to work. If you are bringing plants, please consult Brian about the number and type of plants that are needed and will grow well in our soil.


Remember to turn your clock forward Saturday night!


See you Sunday!–Sis G



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