Help From God

DirectionsUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am when Licensed Unity Teacher Michael Scales will present a lesson titled “Help From God.”

[In his words] “God works in mysterious ways. God has power… much more power than just working through our minds. He is working through everyone’s mind, even when we’re not aware of it. There are other people along the way sent by God to help us.

“We need, from our adult minds, to find again that innocence of a child that knows s/he can accomplish what s/he wishes to accomplish with God’s help.

“We don’t have one dream in a lifetime–we have many. Dreams are some of the greatest gifts from God. God is the great Creator in our minds always tempting us with greater vistas of opportunity.

“When one door closes, God helps to open others. Have the right attitude. Say yes to life. There is a new opportunity for a new life ahead. The past is the past; it’s gone. Don’t sigh. Go forward and accept new, wonderful help from God.

“To truly believe in God, we have to realize that we are not locked to the limitations of yesterday. We have the ability and the power to go forward. Your life is one of opportunity! It has little to do with your past. It has everything to do with your future and your commitment right now.

“It is God’s will for you to have a wonderful life. What if something bad happened in the past? If it’s bad, it’s not God’s will.**

“If it’s wonderful, if it blesses you, if it excites you at the core of your being, if it brings love into your life, if it brings health, if the thoughts renew you and bring you peace of mind, if it brings your family together again, THAT is God’s will.”

Join us this Sunday and learn more!  Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at  Meditation before the service starts at 9:45 am.  Our live Facebook feed starts at 10:40 am.  Everyone is welcome.


**And here we have a big question: with so many unsuspecting people being killed, maimed, or losing those close to them suddenly by accidents, natural disasters, disease, and deranged individuals these days, some of us have no answer to why it happened, but that it must be “God’s will,” as part of some larger plan that we can’t possibly know.

I would like to amend the sentence “If it’s bad, it’s not God’s will,” by adding that if one learns something of value from a bad experience, then it does not have to happen again for him/her to get his head straight and change course, rise above, get help, or help someone else.

Revenge, of course, solves nothing, though it may feel good to say to ourselves, “God’ll getcha for that!”

I would dare say that most of us are halfway through our lives before we know what we should have done to avoid the problems through which we’ve had to work our way. But without those problems, we would not have gained the wisdom that we have—the wisdom that prompts us to say to someone younger, “Don’t do what I did.” Or at least, to weigh the consequences before doing or not doing, and deciding whether it is worth the effort, pain, and possible loss to reach towards an opportunity.

“No pain, no gain?” It may be better to say, “No (safety) net, no bet.”



Forms are available in the bookstore for:

—Renewing your membership in Unity of the Valley

—Applying for new membership

—Running for a position on the Board of Trustees


Rev. Ivery has a good start on her continuing Saturday morning classes in Sacred Service (leading to training for becoming a Prayer Chaplain.)


Our attendance has been ‘way above that of most summers, with new visitors on most Sundays. People whom we haven’t seen for years have come back. And soon the Winter Texans will be making plans to return.


Remember, Amigo Sunday for August will be on Sept 2! Yes, it’s Labor Day weekend, but don’t stay home! The rest of us will miss you—


So what’s Sis G doing lately?

Studying Medicare Plans!!!!! Time to switch!

Lets Do This

See you Sunday! Sis G ❤


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The History of Unity

Charles & MyrtleUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr welcomes you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. Spiritual Leader Tommy de Leon will share a lesson on “The History of Unity.”

In his own words: “Perhaps some of you who read this article may have at some point wondered: where did this Unity stuff come from anyway? I did. My involvement in the Unity movement began by reading these weekly articles. I recall my first reaction being: OK, this is different, it sounds reasonable, but where did it come from?

“Recently, we’ve had many new people come to Unity who fit the description

Charles & Myrtle02

Later in Life

‘spiritual, but not religious.’ In other words, they have and feel an innate connection with their true selves, but have not found a spiritual organization that resonates with that inner feeling. If you are such a person, then I’m here today to suggest, we [UOV] may be the place for you.

“Unity began in the fertile ground of ideas that was the United States in the late 1800s. Four paths converged to give rise to the movement. These were: science, religion, transcendentalism, and the newly discovered power of the mind.

“The latter two were new while the former two, were not, but were nevertheless being seen in a new light. Unity is not only a blending of these elements, but it is also a blending of eastern and western philosophy. As I like to say, Unity reconciled my Christian upbringing with my insistence on universality.”

Join us this week and learn more about the history of the Unity Movement. Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr. Find us on the web at

Join us for meditation before the service at 9:45. We are also available live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.

A new class in Basic Principles of Unity will be starting soon, for those who want to become members. Please see one of our Board members to get your place at the class.


News & Events:

Amigo Sunday will be on Sept 2 (for August) and then Sept 30th (for Sept.)

Both Bill and Tommy will be out of town on Sunday, 26th of August; also this helps place the events four weeks apart.


For those of you signing the cards in Penrod Hall to be sent to Marlene Priebe, I still have not heard from her about completing her move. But I feel sure that the Post Office would forward any mail that is sent to her “old” address. I will leave it in the Hall Sunday.


Sister Grumpy is planning on not waking up “grumpy” tomorrow morning, since she just received her “My Pillow” 3-inch mattress topper, and is going to sleep on it tonight! Aaahhhhh!



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And Sew It Is…

Khalif_MulhollandUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am.  Special guest speaker and Unity ministerial candidate Khalif Mulholland will share a lesson titled “And Sew It Is…”

In the book of Acts, there is a little known disciple who was generous and giving of her talents. She was a seamstress and well loved by widows, children, and the poor.  It is her death that makes her story interesting. Her Greek name is Dorcas, her Aramaic name, Tabitha.

Let’s  explore….Join us Sunday as we discover the wonderful works of this woman.

Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr.  Find us on the web at You can also join us live on Facebook  Sunday  at  10:40 a.m.  Everyone is welcomed!


Membership Renewal Forms

I turned mine in to Secretary Lynn McCormick last Sunday. Yes, if you are a member of Unity of the Valley, you need to get one of these forms in the Bookstore section of the sanctuary and fill in the information, or else you will not be on our list of voting members at the Annual Meeting in November.

If you are NOT a member, and you want to be, talk to one of our Board Members. A New Membership Class will be starting soon, which you must attend to acquaint yourselves with our basic beliefs.

If you want to become a candidate to run for the Board, it’s time to fill out our form to get started. Find out if you qualify by talking to Tommy or a Board Member.

If you don’t yet qualify, but want to be of service, we ALWAYS need volunteers. There are opportunities to help in many areas. If you are good at something, and have some free time, let us know about it.


marlenepriebeMarlene—As was announced last Sunday, our beloved member Marlene Priebe is in the process of moving into Hospice (in Minnesota) due to a diagnosis of brain cancer, which she is choosing to treat only with comfort care. I have not yet received a new mailing address where we can send cards and notes to let her know we are thinking of her, but I will share it with you as soon as I do. We do have a number of blank note-cards with envelopes to be filled in with your words and signatures. They are available in Penrod Hall. They will all be sent together when we know where to send them.


BurningBowlIT’S AUGUST !! And depending on your situation, it’s either BORING or HECTIC, as you prepare for the new school year and Fall events. Whatever you are doing, IT’S HOT! However, it’s mercifully cool in our church buildings, so come enjoy music, meditation, fellowship, a message, and coffee & cookies afterwards. Got little kids? We have something for them to do in Penrod Hall, too, if they have difficulty sitting through the service.

See you there!–Sis G ❤

PS: Tommy suggested that I add this:

 “[You could mention] the new NFL season which starts up real soon, ’cause that’s the most exciting stuff this time of year LOL”







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BirdfeederUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am and learn “How to Experience Abundance”.  Our speaker will be Licensed Unity Teacher Michael Scales.

It is impossible to watch, listen to or read the news today without encountering the subject of the economy. Depending on whom one is reading or listening to, the economy is either booming or faltering.  Politicians use the promise of economic benefits to entice voters to support them, and threaten dire economic consequences for society if they are not elected.

Indeed, we are all concerned with the issue of supplying our families and ourselves with the things necessary to live comfortable, abundant and fulfilling lives.  While we usually identify economic concerns as being material in nature, could it be that there is a spiritual aspect to economic abundance?

 Unity’s foundation statement reads: “There is only one Presence and one Power in the universe and in my life:  God, the Good, Omniscient.”  The last word of that statement – “omniscient” – means all-knowing.  If God is all- knowing, it means that God knows everything about every single human being in existence, including what that person needs in order to live a prosperous, happy, and healthy life.

One wonders, then, why so many people struggle with the issue of supply, including the supply of that which is necessary to meet basic needs, let alone having a surplus to pursue goals beyond mere survival.

New Thought identifies one of God’s attributes as being that of infinite spiritual  substance. In his metaphysical glossary titled “The Revealing Word,” Charles Fillmore, cofounder of Unity, wrote that spiritual substance is the “living energy out of which everything is made.”  It is by projecting the power of one’s faith onto this spiritual energy that the individual can cause it to take on form as the supply for any need with which he or she may be faced, including the need for food, shelter, finances, opportunities, friends, physical energy, and love.

 If our supply seems restricted, it is because we need to open up an avenue through which that supply can flow to us; we are surrounded by God’s infinite bounty, but we must open up our hearts and minds to receive it. 

This opening up to God’s infinite supply is first and foremost an inner process.  We access God’s supply by knowing that we have it, and we do this by believing that it is ours. There are many spiritual practices in which we can engage which will bring forth God’s supply into expression in our lives.  One, of course, is prayer.  Another is deliberately expressing gratitude for the supply we have already received, modest though it might be.

Another still is the practice of giving financially to the persons, places, and institutions from which we receive our spiritual food and whom we see as doing God’s work.

We hope you will join us this Sunday and learn more about abundant living.  Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr.  Find us on the web at  Join us live on Facebook Sunday at 10:40 am.


The Faucet Effect

FAUCI am reminded of the analogy of the water faucet. In the pipeline leading to the faucet in your home from your city’s central supply, there is (normally) a constant supply and pressure of water. But it does not flow until you turn the handle or move the lever. We must turn on the faucet before the water will flow. In the same way, we have energies and blessings creating a pressure in our minds, bodies, and hearts, but they cannot flow until we allow some of them to be let out and used.

NEWS AND EVENTS————————————

Rev. Ivery is having the first of 5 UWM Sacred Service Training sessions on Sat., July 28 from 9-1 at Unity of the Valley.

And the name of this set of training sessions is “Spiritual Gifts Discovery.”

The Sacred Service Training Program is the foundation for volunteers desiring to work in various ministries, one of which is the Prayer Chaplaincy.

Topics for the sessions:

Session 1: Who Have I Come Here to Be?

Session 2: Life Story and Path

Session 3: Core Values and Life Purpose

Session 4: Identifying Spiritual Gifts

Session 5: Connecting Spiritual Gifts

The first class is this Saturday a.m. from 9 – 1. We will discuss further dates then, since we have more time before actual Prayer Chaplain training begins.


And———-it’s Amigo Sunday! It’s too hot to cook, so bring some cold potato salad, maybe some beans, chips, a cool salad or crunchy veggies, iced tea, or other cold drink, and Bill will provide the Hot Dogs, buns, and fixin’s for a picnic!


                                                      See you Sunday!–Sis G



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How Big is Your God?

kingdomUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr welcomes you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. Spiritual Leader Tommy de Leon will share a lesson titled “How Big is Your God?”

In his words: Three weeks ago I presented a lesson on Discover the Power within You, a Unity classic by Eric Butterworth. In his discussion of God he writes: “Most people when asked, say yes, of course I believe in God, but when pressed to define what God is, most are just not sure.”

I wonder if you have ever asked yourself some simple questions about God such as: How would I define God? Where is God? Does God love everyone equally, or does God have favorites? Is God vengeful? Does God judge us? Does God get mad? Is God really all powerful? If so, then what is all the talk about a spiritual battle, or an opposing force (Satan/demons)? If God truly is all powerful, what need does God have to fight this “other” force? What about the LGBT community? How does God feel about that?

The truth is that the answers most have to these questions are based on the point of view (the consciousness) of men from long ago.

In Unity we see this old point of view as something that no longer serves our greater good. That, in fact, is not true or even representative of our current consciousness, anymore than believing that the earth is the center of the universe is [true.]

We don’t live by old scientific beliefs, so why do we live by old spiritual beliefs?

If this is how you feel, then I encourage you to search your memory bank for your God file, and when you find it, right-click and delete it.

If you’ve already done this, but don’t know what to replace it with, then join us this week as we search together for a new, and much bigger version of God–the all-inclusive God of love that Jesus talked about.

Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at You may also join us live on Facebook Sunday at 10:40 am.  We look forward to meeting you!


The Board of Trustees has elevated Lupita Garcia from volunteer recording secretary to a temporary position of Board Secretary. Janie Morales has also joined the Board as a member to fulfill our prescribed number.

Our Board of Trustees by-laws say we must have 6 members, and Roberts’ Rules of Order specifies that every board must have [at least] a President and Secretary. So, we still have no Treasurer unless one of our existing Board members will do that. Both office terms (Secretary and Treasurer, if any) will last only until the annual meeting. Then those are open for election. Plus Nancy’s second 3-year term is over, so 3 seats will be open. Anyone interested?


REMINDER—Rev. Ivery’s 2nd Vision Workshop will be held this Saturday morning from 9-12 in Unity’s Penrod Hall. Fee is a love offering.


AmazonSmileAd02Some time ago, this Blog carried a suggestion that all members and friends of Unity of the Valley could help us financially—at no cost to themselves—by using when they order from that online site. A small percentage (0.5%) of your purchase price will be donated to Unity of the Valley every time you order this way, and once a month, the accumulated donation is sent to an account that we have set up at our bank.

The amount is small, but it illustrates how regular giving of small to moderate amounts can amount to a surprising sum over time. Go here:

to read the FAQ about how to register us as your charity on

Once on the registration page, type Unity of the Valley into the “search” window and press “Enter.” There will be two Unity of the Valleys listed; select the one in Pharr, TX.


Cartoon of the Week:


See you Sunday!-Sis G ❤

Bitmoji Avatar




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How to Pray Without Talking to God

Rev.IveryUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am when Rev. Ivery de la Cruz will share a lesson titled “How to Pray Without Talking to God”.

In this Sunday’s lesson we are developing a greater understanding of the evolution of prayer and how we pray based on a book How to Pray Without Talking to God, by Unity minister, Linda Martella-Whitsett. The premise is that as we evolve spiritually our concept of God, ourselves, prayer and our prayer language must also evolve. We will explore our Divine Identity, our Divine Nature, and expand our awareness of God as All There Is.

Some of us grew up with a concept of God as a superhuman. We imagined a human personality with supernatural powers. We thought the purpose of prayer was to get God’s attention and ask a favor. Prayer was mostly about asking for something whether it was forgiveness, help with finances, recovery from illness, pass a test, win in competitions, protection, blessings, etc. Today our understanding of God has changed. According to Reverend Martella-Whitsett, “We personally and individually express God as we realize and embody Divine Life, Love, Intelligence and all the Divine Capabilities.” The Divine is the invisible Good that we can make visible. This understanding prompts a new “why” and “how” to pray.

Some may wonder, if we are not asking God for favors, why do we need to pray? Reverend Martella-Whitset writes, “The new purpose of prayer is to assert our Divine Identity, so we can live more fully from it.” Myrtle Fillmore, Co-Founder of Unity wrote in How to Let God Help You (1956), Prayer is the most effective method of renewal and transformation, because in prayer [we] associate with God and not the problem.”

Join us this Sunday as we learn more about Affirmative Prayer and take on a 21-day prayer challenge.

Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at Join us live on Facebook at 10:40 am.



Our Board Meeting was held last Sunday. It was determined that our income is currently at 70% of budget, but our expenses are low at 60%.

Rev. Ivery will do a Prayer Chaplain Orientation on Sunday, July 15, from 12:15 to 12:30.

Also, Rev. Ivery’s second Vision Workshop Event is coming up on Saturday, July 21 in Penrod Hall of Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center, 9 am-12. (Love offering.) More information can be found on our Facebook page and on our website.

Lynn & Dennis McCormick are vacationing in Namibia, Africa until July 23. So, Work Day for the church will change to Wednesday next week only.

A sign-up sheet for our next class in the Five Principles of Unity will be available in the Bookstore.


Phone Tails

–and some of us still have keypads!

GiggleSee you Sunday–Sis G ❤


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The Kingdom of God

kingdomUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr welcomes you to our 10:30 am Sunday Service.  This week Licensed Unity Teacher Michael Scales will share a lesson titled “The Kingdom of God.”

Jesus was a kingdom teacher. In a sense, we might say that He was teaching about the kingdom of God, but you can call it the kingdom of love if you like.

For many years, the Jewish people had been waiting to experience the fulfillment of God’s promise to Abraham that is given in the twelfth chapter of the book of Genesis. It is a three-part promise where God tells Abraham that He will make of him a great nation, will give him this land to possess, and that through Abraham and his descendants, all families of the earth would be blessed. This is the way it is presented in the Hebrew scripture – that the Hebrews are the chosen people, not just for themselves but to be a blessing to all the earth.

It probably happened about 4,000 years ago. That is a long time to be waiting for the experience of the fulfillment of a promise God has made to us. This is the history of the good Jewish people, waiting to experience the fulfillment of that promise.

The high point of that promise would be the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth. So, Jesus came and taught about that kingdom of God and said it was something different [from what they were expecting.] It was not, necessarily and primarily, a political kingdom in the world but was to be a spiritual kingdom accessible within ourselves.

In Luke 17, He says that the kingdom of God is in the midst of you. The idea is that Jesus brought it all inside of us and said that the kingdom we are looking for is primarily a spiritual kingdom of love and is to be found within us.

We invite you to join us this week and learn more.  Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at  You can also join us live on Facebook Sunday at 10:40 a.m.  Everyone is welcome!


There will be a Board Meeting this Sunday in the Meeting Room of Penrod Hall after church. Anyone who wants to sit in on the meeting is welcome.

See last week’s blog article for other current news.


It’s kind of weird when a holiday like July 4th falls on a Wednesday (to me, anyway.) I don’t know which end of the week to celebrate. Turned out I didn’t celebrate at all, except for hanging my 5×3′ flag on the door, and the whole week has been pretty quiet. I cut a “personal-size” watermelon Wednesday and ate half of it, and had ice cream for dessert after supper. There was a fireworks show a few blocks south of our house—far enough away to be pretty, but not too loud or dangerous. I fell asleep watching the late news reruns….Today it is gently raining, and my car is getting washed. Thank you!

God Bless America—Home, Sweet Home!



I received a call this week from our beloved friend and member, Marlene Priebe. She told me that we would not be seeing her in the Fall this year. She had just been to the doctor and was told that she has brain cancer, so advanced that she has only about 3 months to live. She has decided not to have radiation or chemotherapy, and is planning to enter hospice as soon as she finds one that she likes.

She said she was not having any headaches, but she did have some pain in the chest, which is why she went to the doctor. She wanted me to let all of you know. Marlene is 85 years old this year and has always been a cheerful, energetic, and generous presence at Unity of the Valley.

As soon as I get an address for the hospice that Marlene has chosen, I will pass it on to you, so you can write to her and offer comfort and prayers. She may continue to use her cell phone as long as she can. I have a 956 area code number, but I’m not sure it works in Minnesota. I also have her home number in MN. She does NOT have an email address. But I do have her current “snail mail” address, which should be forwarded or collected by family.

Write to me at for information.


Marlene, 2nd from right


Sis G

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