Law of Increase: Praise the Universal Multiplier

NewUnityLogoTrans-50Unity Spiritual Center RGV in Pharr welcomes you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. Reverend Ivery de la Cruz will share a lesson titled “Law of Increase: Praise the Universal Multiplier.” In her words:

Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

Praise him all creatures here below.

Praise him above ye heavenly host;

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost! 

This is the Doxology many of us sang every Sunday in growing up and it is still sung in many churches. The Book of Psalms is filled with songs of praise. “Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.” -Psalm 150.

Join us this Sunday as we explore praise as the method of activating the Universal Law of Increase. We have all heard of the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp where Aladdin finds a lamp, rubs it, and out comes a magic genie who grants him three wishes. Most of us don’t believe in magic as such, but the story helps illustrate how the act of praising God, the Law, speeds up our ability to fulfill our desires “as if by magic.”  The Law of Increase helps us understand how we stimulate our good¹ and bring pleasure and happiness that seem like magic or miracles. It teaches us that praising is our multiplier for living our best life.

Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at Join us live on  Sundays at 10:40 am.


¹stimulate our good (polish the lamp.) There is a story about a metaphysical student who asked his guru how he could see God. The guru gave the student a vase of pure silver, a cloth, and some cleaner, saying, “Polish this, and you will uncover the face of God.” The silver vase was old and dirty and tarnished, and the student worked for hours to clean it.

Tired and discouraged, he asked the guru, “How long must I work, Master? I do not see any image that I can uncover.”

The guru answered: “Until you see the face of God shining forth. I assure you that it is there.”

The student worked all night by the light of a fire until in the morning light, he could see that all the dirt and tarnish were gone. He held the beautiful shining vase before him and beheld the image of his own face smiling at him. Then he understood: to see God, one must polish away all that is not God.


There is a Board Meeting scheduled for Sunday after the morning service. I am trusting that our President, Myrna, will have returned from vacation (Hello?) and that a sufficient number of board members are able to attend, so that they have a quorum.

Rev. Ivery has also been away for much of the summer—her latest trip to the Dominican Republic and a place called “Monkey Island,” filled with tame and playful small primates (pictures on her Facebook page.)

From Tommy: “Luz called me this morning and informed me that our friend and former board member Dalila Brimer made her transition this morning [Wed., July 10.]” I have been told that funeral services will be held at 2 pm TOMORROW, SATURDAY, JULY 13TH, at Legacy Chapel near the corner of Trenton Rd. and Jackson Rd. in Edinburg.


For those who had signed up with “Oprah & Chopra”, as I like to call them, for their 21-day meditations, they are back, beginning next week. Your old username and password may still work. Mine did. If not, or if you are new, you can use the link below and sign up for emails sending you regular meditations. (It’s free.)

Oprah and Chopra


OldLadyWalkingBird Corner: Sis G has just figured out why the doves, sparrows, and other various birds that come to her yard seem to like her—she walks like a bird!Canary

Love, Sis G ❤






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What is Mine to Do?

Why Am I HereOur speaker this Sunday will be our Spiritual Leader, Tommy DeLeón.

In his words: “How many times have you heard someone bring up the question, ‘What is my purpose?’

“Have you ever thought about that question? Do we have a purpose?

“I have heard many people say that God has a purpose for us– a plan for each and every one of us.

“Is that true? If it is, what are the theological ramifications? If it is not, does that mean life has no purpose?

“Some believe we create our own purpose. Maybe it’s a little of both. Maybe we come here with a purpose, and then stuff happens, and we lose sight of our purpose? What do you think?

“The dictionary defines purpose as: the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

“Let me give you a practical human example of something being created for a purpose. Man created the automobile for the purpose of taking us from point A to point B in a more expeditious manner.

“A car, therefore, has a purpose, and if a car does, then shouldn’t we?

“One would surely think so, but hold on a minute. If God created man, was it really man who created the car, or was it God who created the car through man? Is there a difference? In either case, the car was created!

“Most people don’t think about these things, but if you are one who does, join us this week at Unity Spiritual Center RGV and we will talk about purpose.”

Unable to attend? Watch our live-stream on at 10:40 am.


I am glad Tommy is taking on this question! I have heard all my life that God has a Plan–a Grand Plan for the universe and a plan for each of us human beings that “He” has created. I have been told that it is only when a person “surrenders” and follows God’s plan for him that he can succeed in life and be happy and at peace.

This reminds me of Tommy’s use of the term, “micro-managing,” in a past lesson, when he asked a rhetorical question regarding how much God intercedes in the lives of His “children.”

As you have probably guessed, I have issues with this whole idea, and I will be interested to hear him get into this subject. (What about free will? If there is a plan, then the outcome is already decided and we are only chess pieces on the board, or lost people in a maze.)

I hope you all had a meaningful and enjoyable 4th of July!–Sis G ❤



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“A Soft Place to Land”

Jennifer Shawker LUT[Unfortunately, our scheduled speaker, Jennifer “Birdie” Shawker, and her family members were taken ill this week, and she was unable to make the trip from San Antonio to the Rio Grande Valley.]

This is the description of the message she intended to bring us on Sunday, June 30th:

“When we literally or metaphorically fall, we often suffer. We are capable of navigating suffering. In the book of John, Chapter 10, Verse 10, Jesus states, “I have come in order that you might have life–life in all its fullness.” Life has vast, perhaps even untold capacities to it – beauty, grace, abundance, and all our feelings. In the fullness of life, there is also pain and suffering. We also have, within us, a capacity for compassion for ourselves and others.

“The question is, when we, or someone we know, takes a fall – is our consciousness a soft place to land? With practice, and willingness to explore our feelings, when we fall, our consciousness can be a soft place to land. All this is possible through our highest selves, our true name and nature.”

We hope that she can re-schedule and come to speak to us soon.

ABOUT HER: Jennifer “Birdie” Shawker, RN, LUT Candidate currently serves at Unity of San Antonio as the Communications Coordinator. Prior to this she served as Youth and Family Ministry Director at Unity Spiritual Center, San Angelo, for 10 years. She also has served at Unity Spiritual Center of Corpus Christi in the area of communications. She speaks at Unity of San Antonio, Unity of Boerne, and periodically at Unity of Corpus Christi.

Birdie recently completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education through Baptist Hospital System in San Antonio, Texas. She is also a Registered Nurse and has worked in many settings, including hospitals, home health, and psychiatric care for over 20 years.

Birdie has completed Unity’s Spiritual Education Enrichment Program and is working toward a credentialing goal of Licensed Unity Teacher.  She resides in Floresville, TX with her husband Frank, son Ryan, and a plethora of pets.


Have a look at our Facebook page with its new design at This has been taken over by Marisa DeLeon, who is also getting us “out there” via Instagram.

All of our recent live-streams can be accessed, in case you missed them.


Amigo Sunday? It turns out that some people brought enough meat and side dishes on Father’s Day (June 16th) that it became our Amigo Sunday for the month of June! We already had a birthday cake and 3 people with June birthdays to sing to, so we adapted. We ate, we sang, we talked.

So, as far as we can predict—

THERE WILL BE NO MEAL in Penrod Hall this Sunday. There will be coffee–regular and decaf– and cookies…allegedly…(stay tuned.)

Our summer months are always confusing when it comes to planning events. There was at least one summer when we tried not having a monthly Amigo Sunday at all, and instead, a group of people who wanted to continue eating together went to a local restaurant on that day. They enjoyed it for a while, but it was not the same as gathering in the Fellowship Hall, and everyone was happy when Amigo Sunday resumed in the Fall.


Some of our younger people, especially, have professed a great interest in starting the EarthCare qualifying program for Unity Spiritual Center. We will be hearing more about implementing this as we learn about what needs to be done and what level of commitment we want to make.


AND———The Unity Lord’s Prayer:

Look at the back page of your bulletin when you receive it from the greeter on Sunday. There you will find USC’s new updated version of the traditional Lord’s Prayer, in its entirety.

We have been reading this from the screen on the front wall for several weeks, but only half of it shows at a time, and it is difficult to take in the meaning of what we are seeing and trying to recite. Now you will have a copy to take home and study. For those who are not able to attend, here is a copy for you:


See you Sunday, if the creek don’t rise! (It may rain a bit, but I think we’ll be OK.)

—Sis G ❤

Falling rain


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The Christ Consciousness

NewUnityLogoUnity Spiritual Center RGV welcomes you to this Sunday’s service at 10:30 am.  Guest speaker and Licensed Unity Teacher Michael Scales will share a lesson on “The Christ Consciousness.”

In Michaels’s words:

There was a door to which I found no Key; then to Heaven itself I cried,

“What lamp has destiny to guide her children struggling in the dark?”

“Understand, Know Thyself!” the wee small voice replied.


When we hear the words, “Jesus Christ,” it’s easy to conclude that “Christ” was Jesus’ last name. This, of course, was not the case.  In Jesus’ day, surnames as we now know them did not exist.

Often people were identified by their place of origin, as in “Jesus of Nazareth,” or “Simon the Canaanean.”  Or by their profession, like “John the Baptist.” The word “Christ,” however, is a title rather than a name.

It is the English translation of the Greek word, “Christos,” which is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word “meshiach,” or “messiah” in English. With this in mind, it is easy to see that “Jesus Christ” is really “Jesus the Christ,” or “Jesus the Messiah.”

The word, “messiah” literally means “the anointed one.”  In Old Testament times, kings were anointed with oil rather than crowned. They had oil poured on their heads in a symbolic ceremony.

That oil symbolized the Holy Spirit coming upon them in a special way, empowering them to do a special task for the Lord. Anointing showed that God had a task to be done. God called them to do it. God gave them the power through His Spirit to do it. He would see them through.

In a similar way, each of us is anointed of God, and He will see us through. Unity teaches that, spiritually, the Christ is the one idea, in Divine Mind, of God individualized.

Within each of us dwells the individualized presence of this Christ Idea, and we experience it as a state of consciousness into which we can enter in prayer and meditation. As we regularly and consistently access the Christ Consciousness in this way, we begin to experience it as we are engaged in our daily activities, with the result that our consciousness becomes conformed to it and it is guiding us in everything we think, say and do.


Join us this Sunday and learn more.  Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr.  Find us on the web at  Join us live o Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  We look forward to meeting you!


HappenedThis is a week when Unity Spiritual Center—except for our Sunday service—is between events. Some people are off on trips, and some, like Michael and his wife June, and Tommy, our spiritual leader, have just returned, and are full of news to tell us. I know that Tommy is writing a report on his experience of attending the Unity People’s Convention, and we will hear about that when he is finished.

By the way—–wasn’t that a surprise to see Roy Robles sit in on the drums last Sunday while Tommy was away? Who knew????????

The first successful YOU Group that we have ever had is now in its summer hiatus, after raising the money to attend the Legacy Rally in Oklahoma earlier this month. We were not sure they would get to attend, with all the terrible storms that had been sweeping through that area, but the weather appeared to let up long enough for them to make the trip safely.

Our beloved Board President, Myrna, is enjoying some time in Colorado—which is certainly cooler and drier than the weather has been here lately. She‘s taking a well-deserved rest, but will be back in time for the next scheduled Board Meeting on the 2nd Sunday of July.

If there is any other news that I am allowed to print, I am unaware of it. However, I am assured by “Chef” Bill that we will have coffee and cookies in the Fellowship Hall after this Sunday’s service.

I hope to see you there!—Sis G ❤



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“Live Long and Prosper”

Khalif_MulhollandUnity Spiritual Center RGV invites you to join us this Sunday when special guest speaker and Unity ministerial candidate Khalif Mulholland shares a lesson titled “Live Long and Prosper” at 10:30 am. In his words:

“We all want love, good health and prosperity in our lives. There is a divine law of equilibrium in all matters that correspond to the law of balance and poise that holds the sun and the planets in place. This law is based on love and justice, and equally and harmoniously adjusts all affairs of humankind. It goes as far as restoring a harmony and balance in both mind and body that results in happiness and health as well as prosperity. Prosperity is the experience of having plenty of what we truly want in life, material and otherwise.

“In the book The Story of Unity, James Dillett Freeman writes: ‘The only way to become permanently prosperous and successful is through the quickening, awakening, and bringing into use, all of the indwelling resources of Spirit.’ “

Join us this Sunday to dig a little deeper into Prosperity consciousness, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at  Also live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  Hope to see you there!


BurnSister Grumpy finds herself in the dark, as far as what special surprises might await the fathers attending this Sunday’s service. So come and see for yourselves!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of us have memories of growing up with our fathers, whether they are still with us or not. Some of us oldsters can barely recall what our grandfathers looked like, but they were part of our lives.

My Dad kept a tight rein on where I went, what I did, and with whom until I was almost out of high school. Every Sunday, we all went to the Methodist Church together–usually twice–and to Wednesday Prayer Meeting, and choir practice on Thursdays. He did encourage my musical talent by buying me an old upright piano when I was 13, and later, an inexpensive acoustic guitar.

The first time I was ever away from home was when I started my freshman year of college. I didn’t have a car, or a license to drive without a licensed driver in the front passenger seat, so I was still dependent on my parents or friends (or the city bus) to take me where I needed to go off-campus. But I never knew how much Daddy loved me—and how proud he was of me for being awarded a tuition scholarship—until I came home the first time with my hair up in a chignon and my new tortoise-shell glasses. “She looks like an authoress!” he said to my mother, with a smile of wonder on his face.

Both Mom and Dad deliberately kept their noses out of my business, once I married and had a family, by moving 1500 miles away. No computers then, and long-distance phone calls were expensive, so we sent hand-written letters, and packages at Christmas. We could not often make the long road trip to see each other, but Mom and Dad got to meet their grandchildren a few times.

Dad didn’t get to see how my life turned out before he passed away in 1982, but I think he would have approved. If I had been a son, however, I think we would have spent more time together. And I would have learned how to maintain and repair a car.


BurnRegarding rumors of birthday cakes, lunches, and things of that sort:

The mystery persists! I have no reliable information, so I offer a quote, often attributed to Abraham Lincoln:

“Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.”


See you there!–Sis G ❤

Happy Father’s Day!

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Law of Receiving: GPS for Living an Abundant Life

RevIvery02Unity Spiritual Center RGV in Pharr invites you to join us at 10:30 am when Reverend Ivery De la Cruz shares a lesson on “Law of Receiving: GPS for Living an Abundant Life”.

If I were to ask you your philosophy of life, could you tell it to me? Most of us don’t think about our life philosophy, the operating set of beliefs that drives our worldview. Our philosophy of life comes out of us in subtle ways: the attitude we wake up with in the morning, how we treat other people, how we approach a new situation, the things we spend our time, energy and money on.

It’s worth taking a moment to examine our life philosophy because, in many ways, it creates our legacy. It’s like a GPS for our life. Most of us have had some experience with a GPS system** in our car or smart phone and know how it works. We program our destination into the GPS and it gives the directions we need to get where we need to go. These technological wonders are a great gift to many of us, especially those who are “directionally challenged.”

Today’s lesson is setting our guidance system to living an abundant life as we continue our monthly series in the book Working With the Law: 11 Principles for Success in Life, by Raymond Holliwell. We will take a deeper look into the fifth Universal Law, The Law of Receiving. According to Holliwell this law is a “two-sided coin, giving and receiving. The life principle of this law is “Give and it will be given to you. A good measure pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Luke 6:38 New International Version).

According to Holliwell giving is the first fundamental law of life. It is the first law of all creation. In a state of limited understanding we create a rut where we are on a loop thinking we must get before we can give.** We believe conditions and appearances of lack and need. So, we stay in the rut struggling and believing there is no way out. Our struggle and limiting belief is our signal to “let go and let the Law of Receiving, –our GPS– guide us to living an abundant life.

Join us this Sunday as we explore the principle give and it shall be given to you as a two-sided coin: how giving sets a pattern for the Universe to respond in kind, and how our giving can help or hinder another person’s growth and prosperity.

Unity is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at

You can also join us live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am. Hope to see you Sunday!


*Frankly, the thought of using a GPS freaks me out! It’s hard enough for me to follow a map that I didn’t draw for myself, or trust oral directions of when and where to turn in an unfamiliar place. And I don’t trust Google enough to know the eccentricities of our cities’ street continuity. I know of one major street dividing McAllen and Edinburg that has two north-south division points several blocks apart. It does have an effect on locating an address!

**I always think of the story of the wedding at Cana, where Jesus is said to have directed the servants to fill the empty wine jugs with water, which then turned into wine. But the water did not become wine until it was poured out. (We have to supply belief and effort.) Also, we must start the flow of energy before new energy or substance can flow into our bodies and minds. Nothing moves until the tap is opened.

Scattered observations: Did you notice how much greener the lawn looked, and how healthy the plants appeared last Sunday? Two of our garden elves are responsible for this! Our USC secretary Lynn and her husband Dennis spread mulch on the plants to help them retain water.

We also had some prospective new members who finished the “Five Basic Principles” class taught by Myrna recently.

I will have to wait until next week to let you know what might be planned for Father’s Day. Tommy says he will be on a plane headed for the Unity Annual Convention to begin that week.

ONE MORE THING—for those of us who didn’t know, Michael and June Scales are enjoying a holiday in the United Kingdom!  With a temporary international phone plan, they have been able to post occasional messages and pictures on Facebook for their “friends.” June just celebrated her 67th birthday, and it looks like they are having a great time.


BabyMourningDove02BIRD CORNER–Yesterday when returning from getting the mail from the mailbox, I saw a baby dove on the edge of the sidewalk. It was big enough to have tried to fly down from its nest and wasn’t hurt. It was sitting there visibly breathing and looking around. From what I have read, I knew I should leave it alone and see if the mother comes for it. I think she did, since a few hours later, I saw that the baby was gone and was not anywhere in the grass.

Googling baby dove pictures today, I can’t say whether the bird was a mourning, ground, or inca dove because they are so similar as juveniles, and we have all of them here.

This looks a lot like the bird I saw, though it had some black markings on the tips of its feathers.

See you Sunday!–Sis G ❤





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How to Speak Unity

AtomicLogoUnity Spiritual Center RGV in Pharr welcomes you to this Sunday’s service at 10:30 a.m. Spiritual Leader and Licensed Unity Teacher Tómas de León will present a lesson titled “How to Speak Unity.

Unity began in the U.S. in the late 1800s as part of the New Thought Movement.

Although it is essentially based on Christianity, it uses such a different perspective from the traditional model, that it might as well be another language.

In general, Unity interprets the people and the events in the Bible as allegorical, or symbolic. We call it the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible.

Why is this significant? I like to put it this way: “If the Bible is literal, then it’s a story of some people, but if seen allegorically, then it’s a story of all people.” It’s a story of me and of you.

In other words, it is elevated to the height of concepts, to the level of spirit.

This makes the Unity perspective universal and all-inclusive.

Come learn a new spiritual language, the language of Unity.

Unity RGV is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr. For more visit us at, leave a message at 956-787-4411, or email us at Live-streaming begins at 11:40 on Facebook.


Board Meeting scheduled for Saturday, June 1 at 1 pm, after the Prayer Chaplains’ Training Meeting from 10 am to Noon.



“Chef” Bill is preparing brisket and potato salad, along with another dish that his aunt used to make. Salads, side dishes, and perhaps hot bread are all that will be needed to make this a feast! The weather is hotter, and many people prefer iced tea on days like these. So, if anyone wants to bring a bottle of tea—sweet or unsweet—it will be welcome.

See you Sunday–Sis G ❤







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