3rd Week of Advent-Love

Advent CandlesUnity of the Valley Spiritual Center in Pharr invites you to join us this Sunday at 10:30 am. Spiritual Leader and Licensed Unity Teacher Tommy De Leon will share the lesson which marks the third week of the Advent season and the theme, that is, the attribute for this week is Love.

Traditionally Advent represents the time of preparation for the coming of the Christ child in the form of the man Jesus.

Unity interprets the Bible as symbolic of each person’s spiritual journey. As such the Advent season takes on another, we believe, more profound significance.

In Unity the emphasis is not on the physical birth of a child; instead, it is about the unfolding (the birth) of the Christ (Divine) consciousness within each individual, which we teach we all eventually experience.

For Unity, Jesus as the way-shower, represents the first manifestation of this unfolding awareness.

Clearly for such an event to take place within oneself it is necessary that we put ourselves in the consciousness that brings this awareness into expression.

Some of the attributes associated with this level of consciousness are faith, peace, love and joy.

It is important to understand that these attributes are not something we have to find or develop. As attributes of God, and thus of us, they are gifts of the Spirit and it is only a matter of allowing them to come forth through you.

The Bible tells us that of all the attributes (gifts) God has given us, the greatest of all is Love–that, in fact, without love nothing else means anything, and this is because God itself IS love.

In one form or another we’ve all had love in our lives and we understand that love is about two fundamental things. One is experiencing it, and the other is sharing it.

Join us this week as we experience, and share love, the greatest gift we have, with one another.

Unity of the Valley is located at 301 E. Polk Ave. in Pharr and on the web at www.unity-pharrtx.org. You can also join us live on Facebook Sundays at 10:40 am.  We welcome everyone.


Some of you are already familiar with a blog written by Unity Rev. J. Douglas Bottorff. I am giving you a link to this week’s post concerning Love, because it is an unusual treatment of the practical application of the Power of Love in our lives, and well-worth reading:


ball-sm Sis G will not be attending church this Sunday because of a special, infrequent visit from a family member. But I will be there for the Dec. 23rd Christmas service. Meanwhile, here is a collage of pictures from our church decorations, courtesy of Charles “Bif” Roach:




Sis G


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I am a retired 80-something -year-old lady, novelist, blogger, singer-songwriter, and until recently, I was serving on the Board of Trustees of my church. Love to write--it keeps me young. Love cats, too--can you tell?
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